Studies widely report high rates of math-related learning difficulties among children diagnosed with ADHD.

Revolutionizing Math Learning for ADHD Students

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What are we building?

The connection between schools and special needs children is often fragmented. A significant number of neurodiverse children grapple with math, and the common school solution is merely to have them repeat what's already not working. Our math app offers a transformative solution. We address students' challenges at their core. Our standout approach begins with the question, "How do you learn?" We then tailor the learning experience to their unique needs, paving the way to math mastery.

There’s a big problem.

Traditional educational methodologies often fail to address the unique cognitive patterns of neurodiverse students, leading to a significant gap in mathematical comprehension and application. Despite the prevalence of ADHD and other learning differences, many institutions continue to employ a one-size-fits-all approach, neglecting the diverse learning needs of their student population.


Our primary objective is to critically analyze the inefficiencies of conventional math teaching methods for neurodiverse students, particularly those with ADHD. Through this case study, we aim to highlight the transformative potential of IDM Math, a tailored educational platform designed to cater to individual learning needs. By delving into the app's unique approach and its impact, we aspire to underscore the importance of personalized education in fostering genuine comprehension and long-term mathematical proficiency.

A tale of 2 users

**For Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers:**

Empowerment is at your fingertips. This app is meticulously crafted for adults like you, who play a pivotal role in a child's life. With features that allow you to customize incentives, set specific settings tailored to your child's needs, and even schedule timely breaks, you're equipped to manage and understand their learning journey better. Dive in and collaborate with your child, ensuring their experience is both productive and enjoyable.

**For Individuals with Learning Differences, Especially ADHD:**

Every mind is unique, and every learning journey is personal. Whether you're someone with ADHD or any other learning difference, this platform is designed with you in mind. Discover strategies, tools, and insights that resonate with your individual learning style, helping you harness your strengths and navigate challenges with confidence.

The Research

In our quest to understand the nuances of neurodiverse learning, we conducted in-depth user research. While securing participation from parents of children with disabilities presented challenges, it was crucial to grasp the specific hurdles ADHD students face in math. This research highlighted the shortcomings of conventional teaching and set the foundation for IDM Math's specialized approach.

We did some research about kids who learn differently, especially those with ADHD. We found out that many kids between 6 to 11 years old have a tough time with the usual way math is taught in schools. They get distracted easily, get upset when things are hard, and have extra trouble with math.

When we talked to some of these kids, we learned more. A lot of them feel bad because they think they're not as good as their friends. They wish they could learn without always watching the clock and just want to understand things, not just finish tasks. They also told us they like learning with games, but don't like being rushed. We used all this information to make IDM Math better for them.

The Kids... A Deep Dive

Pain Points

Struggles with Math

Slow processing

Practicing the same concept is frustrating 

Learning Style

Out of the box thinking is challenging

Different for every child


Anxiety is a big barrier in completing tasks

Time constraints bring anxiety


Anxiety is a big barrier in completing tasks

Time constraints bring anxiety

Working Memory/Inhibition

Difficulty with time management, prioritization, and impulse control


Lacks focus 

Distracted by various external stimuli or locations

Working Memory

4/4 said kids struggle with working memory

2/4 said it was specifically with multi-step problems

Lack of Retention

Struggles to remember things that were taught a few minutes to a day ago.

Would re-teach things often

Struggle with multi-step problem-solving

Hard to remember more than 1 step process

Struggle holding the memory (holding number for regrouping)


Students with ADHD tend to struggle with either math and/or reading

Struggle with comprehending the phrasing problems; identifying themes, analyzing sentences.

What in math students struggle with?

Abstract problems - solving and applying skills to the real world scenarios

Comprehending math problems

Extraneous information is hard to process, confuses them.

Student struggled with applying mental math skills to word problems

Planning & Organization

Lack of organization, prioritization and attention to detail

Struggle with organizing their work (overwhelmed with clutter, trouble managing paper)

Struggle with planning and prioritization (not doing what's important, not planning ahead)

Struggle with flexibility (not seeing options/feeling stuck)

Phase 2 happening Now! Sept 2023