Investing is more engaging when you do it with your favorite musicians!

This platform is a revolutionary music investment platform that bridges the gap between artists, music fans, and investors. It empowers artists by providing alternative financing options while enabling them to maintain control over their music and royalties. At the same time, it offers music enthusiasts and investors the opportunity to actively engage with artists and participate in the success of their favorite musicians.


  • User Flows

  • Design Ideation

  • Feature Design

  • Information Architecture

  • Affinity Maps

  • Communication/Collaboration

  • High Fidelity Design

  • Prototyping

Role: UX Design and Strategy

8-week team project.

This is an NDA project.


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Show Me the Money!
Problem / Solution

The music industry is known for its challenges, with many artists struggling to find reputable record labels that can support their music projects while also protecting their copyrights. This often leads to artists feeling compelled to give up control of their music and copyrights in exchange for financial support, which can hinder their long-term success and creative autonomy.

To address these challenges, our team developed this mobile application. The platform serves as an alternative investment app, allowing users to buy and sell royalty streams on a peer-to-peer marketplace. The app aims to provide artists with alternative financing options and enables them to retain control over their royalties. By creating this platform, we aim to make the royalty process more democratic and accessible to everyday users.

How does it actually work?
The Story

The First Days: In an unexpected twist, our client favored immediate high-fidelity designs over conventional processes. Despite losing our research and strategy teams early, our design squad rallied. With unyielding commitment in an eight-week pressure cooker, we successfully delivered quality results.

The People
The Research
  • To inform our design decisions, we conducted a heuristic evaluation of a high-fidelity prototype provided by the client. This evaluation allowed us to identify usability issues and opportunities for improvement.

  • Additionally, we conducted a competitive analysis to understand the landscape of investment apps and music streaming apps. This analysis helped us differentiate our app by understanding the needs of our target audience and anticipating potential threats or opportunities in the market.

User Flow - Fan Investment

  • Engineered a user flow with critical touchpoints: browsing options, future campaign alerts, banking linkages, and investment processes, with an emphasis on transparency and ease.

  • Ensured clear, simple fee presentation at multiple points to foster trust.

  • Instilled investor confidence through comprehensive onboarding and continuous information flow, promoting comfortable music investment.

  • Meticulously crafted a design system that seamlessly combines the sleekness of banking with the vibrant energy of the music industry.

  • Developed a visually captivating style that resonates with music fans, capturing their attention and creating a strong emotional connection.

  • Leveraged typography, imagery, and graphics to create a cohesive and immersive product experience, reflecting the dynamic essence of the music world

Design System, getting the right look the right way.
  • .Dual focus on accessibility and aesthetic appeal in the design system.

  • Adherence to WCAG guidelines for accessibility, including color contrast, typography, and navigation.

  • Creation of a visually compelling design system that captures the essence of the music industry.

  • Combination of accessibility principles with an appealing aesthetic to cater to a diverse user base and deliver an immersive experience.

The Component Library
  • The component library we created for the product played a dual role,

  • Providing both design consistency and technical efficiency.

  • This consistency across screens and interactions enhanced usability and reduced cognitive load for users.

Iterations and Decisions
  • These before and afters come from the "create campaign" flow that the Artist must complete to start making money. It is

Final Steps
  • Prepared a comprehensive, NDA-covered developer handoff document with clear instructions for implementation.

  • Future steps: User feedback gathering for UX iteration and feature expansion, including advanced analytics and personalized recommendations.

  • Exploration of music streaming platform integrations, industry stakeholder partnerships, and enhanced social features for community engagement.

  • Considering international expansion and ongoing regulatory compliance to ensure market reach and user-centric continuous improvement.

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